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Treatment & Destruction

In addition to providing precious metals recovery services, CDS Environmental Services is a complete Cyanide waste treatment and destruction facility. Highly specialized, we are the only dedicated Cyanide processing plant in the world. Our services include treatment and destruction of concentrated Cyanide solids and liquids in drums, IBC's, bulk streams and lab packs. 

We are licensed and operating under the Ontario Ministry of Environment # A620200 and have an unparalleled compliance record. Since we started in 1992, CDS Environmental has become the preferred Cyanide treatment facility for Canada and the Midwest to Eastern United States. CDS has partnered with a select number of US TSDF's situated in convenient geographical locations to ensure the smooth transition of waste to our location. The details are taken care of by professional staff through the entire process of transport, manifesting and receiving.

From transportation, to the provision of a Certificate of Destruction, CDS is your partner in Cyanide waste destruction. 

CDS Environmental Services uniquely specialized facility is purpose built for cyanide destruction and precious metal recovery.

 Our treatment and reclamation facility located just north of Toronto, Canada was engineered to treat virtually every type of cyanide waste - everything from nickel strip solutions to tank bottom sludge, liquids, solids and debris. Our facility accepts USA Codes F007 through F0012, D and P Codes.

Liability and Safety

CDS operational standards meet or exceed the requirements of our Certificate of approval #A620200 and the general waste management regulation 558/00. CDS safeguards your waste by:

  • Not using outside storage or underground tanks 
  • Containing the entire treatment and storage area 
  • Unloading trucks within containment area 
  • Training all employees in operational and safety issues 
  • Offering 24 security monitoring 
  • Financial insurance to cover closure 
  • Welcoming environmental audits