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The Thermal Hydrolysis

Turnkey Engineered Systems
Cyanide Destruct Systems manufactures and sells complete Cyanide treatment systems designed to meet the specific requirements of each customer. Cyanide systems can vary in size, complexity and level of automation, but all include state-of-the-art electronic monitoring equipment and the necessary safety features.

All CDS Cyanide treatment systems use the highest quality parts and are designed and constructed to meet or exceed manufacturing regulatory codes pertaining to each component of the finished product.

There are two types of systems: Batch and Continuous Flow. For more information on these systems, please click the respective link. CDS guarantees that both systems will sufficiently treat the waste solution to below specific Cyanide concentration levels - often less than 0.1 mg/L. If you are uncertain about what your needs are, we have a pilot-scale Continuous Flow system available for testing unusual Cyanide waste streams.

The CDS Cyanide Hydrolysis gets the job done in record time
CN + 2H20 -> NH3 + HCOO... this simple chemical reaction which destroys cyanide occurs naturally. At normal ambient temperatures the process takes far to long to be commercially viable. Our Batch and Continuous Flow systems elevate the temperatures and pressures during hydrolysis to dramatically reduce the process times.
CDS offers major advantages
No chemicals required. This means no production of toxic gases or liquid by-products.
Turnkey systems for end user treatment. Performance Guaranteed
Able to destroy all cyanide complexes, even iron.
Low operating costs.
Concentrated wastes can be treated without dilution.
Engineered to fit your needs.
Both simple and safe.

The experts in cyanide waste management